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The move was widely criticised as censorship, and Reporters Without Borders condemned the ban, calling it a "disproportionate measure that seriously undermines the Ukrainian people’s right to information and freedom of expression." Respondents in an online poll on the UNIAN site declared that 66% were “categorically against” the ban of Russian sites and another 11% said it would be easier to “ban the whole internet, like in North Korea”.

Over recent years in the internet more and more myths emerge connected with Russian brides (under a term ‘Russian’ one should understand Ukrainian, Belarussian and Moldavian girls.

In December 2006 the company raised 10 million Euro to expand Passado in Russia.after Albert Popkov and Odnoklassniki agreed to pay i-CD an undisclosed amount of cash in settlement of the case against them.

The programming language used on the site is Java and the main language used for the site's textual content is Russian.


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