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Who is mike he dating

An astute altar boy, Pence genuinely seemed to want to serve his community.The local paper tells a story of Pence befriending two kids with muscular dystrophy and later serving as a pall-bearer at each of their funerals.Sitting in a pew was Chuck Jones, the local United Steel Workers president.He tried to muffle his smoker's cough and bowed his head.Oh, yeah, and then Pence kicked in million Pence introduced the man of the hour: "It is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you a man of action, a man of his word, and the president-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump."Then a strange thing happened; well, not that strange, since it was Donald Trump.He spoke of his huge victory, and then admitted that his constant campaign talk of saving Carrier jobs had been bullshit. Resplendent in dark suit and striped tie, he remained ramrod-straight, a proud smile frozen on his face.Jones, a gruff man with neat gray hair and a mustache, had become a folk hero since the Carrier spectacle, when Trump attacked him on Twitter for having the audacity to question the jobs Trump didn't save."He did absolutely nothing," said Jones.

"The legislators looked at one another, speaking with their eyes: He just called his wife "Mother."Maybe it was a joke, the legislator reasoned.But a few minutes later, Pence shouted again."Mother, Mother, whose china are we eating on?"Mother Pence went on a long discourse about where the china was from.His concerns for the parts of Indiana outside his comfort zone toggled between disinterest and disdain.And here's the frightening thing: Unlike his boss, Mike Pence has an actual ideology.

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