Who is china mcclain dating

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Who is china mcclain dating

All the original cast will be returning, which means that Dove Cameron (Mal, daughter of Maleficent), Cameron Boyce (Carlos de Vil, son of Cruella), Sofia Carson (Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen), Booboo Stewart (Jay, son of Jafar) and Mitchell Hope (Ben, son of Belle and the Beast) will be in the threequel, since the story has always been about them.It's also been confirmed that China Anne Mc Clain will be back as Uma, the daughter of Ursula, while Brenna D'Amico will reprise her role as the Fairy Godmother's daughter Jane."We're going to break [his heart a little]," China Anne Mc Clain, who plays Jennifer, told reporters during a recent set visit."He is a very great influence, which I really appreciate.Again, we have nothing official in terms of plot for However, Cameron Boyce already has his own idea for a third movie."I want the barrier to come down on the Isle so the parents come to Auradon and we have an epic duel between the kids and the parents. That's my dream," he told that he's thought about which new characters he could add to the series."Or I think about characters we already have and what their next journeys might be," he said back in July.

After fans were outraged that one of the only black men on the show was depicted so negatively, Chuck recently returned and claimed that he was looking to redeem himself -- but after some bad luck, audiences have not seen him in a few weeks and it is not clear whether he will stick to the straight and narrow when he turns back up.Her father is a music producer and her mother a songwriter and they started a production company called Gabesworld Music, named after their brother, Gabriel.China and her sister were all cast in Tyler Perry’s movie Daddy’s Little Girls.stars Dove Cameron and China Anne Mc Clain are at war. Dove took to Twitter to put an end to the rumours, uploading a pic of a text convo between her and China which included loads of voice messages.ended with a character telling the audience, "You didn't think this was the end of the story, did you?

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"And, of course, it certainly wasn't the end of the story as Disney Channel has now officially confirmed that The first sequel proved to be a huge success and was watched by almost 9 million viewers in the US on the night of its premiere, with the audience rising to 21 million when including delayed viewing.

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