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Validating chromatographic

From this extensive array of data, we could make recommendations for spiking and testing requirements to produce optimal filtration performance and the potential for high viral clearance (14).

Selection of Virus Stocks: In this study, we used both X-Mu LV and MVM because they are widely accepted model viruses in viral clearance studies for biotherapeutics.

MVM is a relevant small (18–24 nm) nonenveloped virus that has caused a number of documented bioreactor contaminations; X-Mu LV is considered to be a model virus for many processes because certain cell lines have been shown to have endogenous retroviral-like particles (15).

For this study, we used ultrapurified virus stocks of both types.

Biologics derived from mammalian organisms have been accepted for therapeutic use for almost a century (1).

However, these pharmaceuticals have the potential for contamination with pathogenic adventitious agents such as viruses.

Second, testing of raw materials (including cell banks) and in-process samples is implemented to identify virus contamination events before batch release.

For this study, we reviewed records with the following criteria: We included study results covering a broad range of virus LRVs.Testing of small-scale filtration processes uses a virus-spiked feed solution prepared as a function of spike percentage of total volume (5).That methodology historically has provided sufficient results for virus stocks produced with typical purification strategies (nonspecific or nonoptimized methods).The resulting data in Table 1 show that with modern approaches to spiking methodologies, expected LRVs have increased significantly across separate and distinct unit operations.That potentially allows for fewer process steps to be evaluated in viral clearance studies.

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