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Just follow the wizard presented by the tool and it will create the required tables in the specified database.

You need to store those values in the profile of that user. Profile namespace to get access to the profile of a specific user.Most of the real world web applications require security in one form or another. NET is concerned Forms Authentication is the most popular and common method of protecting your website from unauthorized access. NET web forms and server controls (such as Login and Create User Wizard) make it extremely easy to implement Forms Authentication in web forms based websites. NET MVC web application you need to take care of some steps on your own. Figure 2: Select a single provider for all site management data Now, switch to the Security tab and create two roles - Administrator and Normal User for testing purpose.In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn to implement Forms Authentication in ASP. You will also learn to use membership features, role based security and profile features. NET MVC 3 Web Application using Visual Studio 2010. The Internet Application project template already includes controllers and views that make use of Forms Authentication and membership features. Figure 3: Switch to the Security tab and create two roles The above step adds a SQL Server database (ASPNETDB.mdf) in App_Data folder of your web application, pre-configured with tables required for membership, roles and profile features.Since we want to learn the process step-by-step we are going to develop our example from the ground up and hence we will go with the Empty project template. Figure 4: Adding a SQL Server database If you wish to use an external SQL Server database you will need to configure it using the aspnet_command line tool. Click on Test if you wish to test, otherwise click Back and close the tool.

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