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Updating windows cd

The Patch Set Installer requires Oracle Web Logic Server version 10.3.3.Depending on your specific configuration, you may be using some products that require information to be backed up prior to patching, and then restored after patching is complete.This antivirus rescue CD is equipped with AVG Antivirus , AVG Anti Spyware and some administrator recovery tool.With AVG rescue disk, you can scan and removes computer virus without booting operating system first.Below is the step how to create AVG bootable Rescue CD and bootable AVG Rescue USB.Before you begin your patch installation, you should back up your Middleware home directory, your Domain home directory, and your Oracle instances.The above box has the key in it but it is embedded and only part of this is the key.I whited out a lot of it to ensure that my key could not be compromised.

Depending on your system environment and product you are updating, you may be prompted to provide the location of a JRE/JDK on your system when you start the installer.

First we need to get some information from the registry.

Click on Start and select “Run” Type in “regedit” into the run box that comes up. This is the registry editor with all trees minimized.

Here is a guide to show you which numbers to write down (you should end up with 30 characters) Start from the top and write all of the digits down.

You will need to type them back in (sorry – cannot copy paste from here in the registry) Once you have your 30 digits we are now ready to get our product key.

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