Updating schedule information

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Updating schedule information

See Creating an Equipment PM Schedule for more information about creating PM service types for equipment under warranty.

The University Records Management Committee (RMC) is leading an initiative to revise the records retention schedule to better address the types of administrative records currently in use, to support University compliance with legal and other regulatory retention requirements, and to promote adherence to UC best practices.

Questions about the schedule should be directed to the appropriate campus records management coordinator.

Schedule update process The project was launched in May 2012.

A records manager was hired by the Office of the President to lead the project under the RMC's direction.

It was developed in the 1980s and included now-obsolete records yet lacked many new records.

Phased publication The project to create a new schedule is time-consuming, spanning two or more years.

To enable the University community to benefit from updated retention periods as soon as possible, the RMC will publish the new schedule in phases.

After you select the processing options you want to apply to the update, a message appears, notifying you that the batch was submitted for processing.

When you run this program, the system automatically: You can use a processing option to specify that the system generates PM work orders when it updates the PM schedule status.

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