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Updating old home wiring

On startup, or when the switch position changes, the script runs the appropriate shell command for that mode.

Finally, a switch is mounted near the front of the monitor’s base, and connected to a GPIO pin and GND: Everything was then insulated with duct tape before screwing on the metal base.

They’ve come a long way since 1910 – by MEDI Ontario @ Flickr) and torques that press against spring tensions in the relay.

The tension of the spring and taps on the electromagnetic coils in the relay are the main processes by which a user sets in a relay.

So that plus a Pi Zero and suitable power supply would make a fairly small backup tracker, and maybe even one that works. It seemed attractive to use GPRS to provide internet access (via PPP), but that would lock out the single serial port thus making GPS unavailable.

The device supports GSM (calls, texts) and GPRS (2G, i.e. So I decided to just send SMS from the device instead, using a script that gets the GPS position, then builds and sends an SMS containing that position.

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I wrote this in Python using the Py GSM library, which makes things very easy (generally no need to mess around with AT commands).