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Contents Core Services Web.config File Refactoring Extensible Output Caching Auto-Start Web Applications Permanently Redirecting a Page Shrinking Session State Expanding the Range of Allowable URLs Extensible Request Validation Object Caching and Object Caching Extensibility Extensible HTML, URL, and HTTP Header Encoding Performance Monitoring for Individual Applications in a Single Worker Process Multi-Targeting Ajax j Query Included with Web Forms and MVC Content Delivery Network Support Script Manager Explicit Scripts Web Forms Setting Meta Tags with the Page. Meta Description Properties Enabling View State for Individual Controls Changes to Browser Capabilities Routing in ASP.NET 4 Setting Client IDs Persisting Row Selection in Data Controls ASP.For example, it is now possible to cache the "Top 10" pages of a site in memory, while caching pages that get lower traffic on disk.Alternatively, you can cache every vary-by combination for a rendered page, but use a distributed cache so that the memory consumption is offloaded from front-end Web servers.NET 4 to start the application in a state during which the application temporarily does not accept HTTP requests. NET instantiates the type defined by the method and the method returns, the ASP. For example, you can use the new auto-start feature to initialize an application and then signal a load-balancer that the application was initialized and ready to accept HTTP traffic.

If potential XSS strings are found, request validation flags the suspect string and returns an error.The file that contains the configuration for a Web application has grown considerably over the past few releases of the .NET Framework as new features have been added, such as Ajax, routing, and integration with IIS 7.This warm-up occurs during startup of the IIS service (if you configured the IIS application pool as ) and when an IIS worker process recycles.During recycle, the old IIS worker process continues to execute requests until the newly spawned worker process is fully warmed up, so that applications experience no interruptions or other issues due to unprimed caches.

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file to determine which Web applications need to be automatically started.

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