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“It’s very uncomfortable.” Gaining acceptance Under the Trudeau government, Canada has only recently tabled legislation to extend human rights protections to the transgender community.

In Quebec, changes to the province’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms have been proposed that would allow trans teenagers to change their name and gender on legal documents.

His mom said some people ask whether she misses having a daughter, an idea she rejects immediately.

“I say I didn’t have one for very long really,” she said. I’ve had a son so much longer than I had my little girl.” While mom’s love is importance, Alati-Coventry is hoping for the same thing any other 18-year-old guy is: someone who gets him for who he is.

“There’s nothing necessarily wrong with them, it’s they are feeling that there’s something wrong with them,” said Ghosh.

A community at risk In many cases, that feeling of wrongness can end tragically.

"They wouldn't give me a glass or anything," Siddiqi said.Montreal police told CBC that they would not comment on the investigation and that they take every citizen complaint seriously.From bathroom laws to the fame of Caitlyn Jenner, transgender issues have been big news over the past few years, but one 18-year-old Montrealer is saying being trans is just one aspect of who he is. But being transgender is a really big part of my life.” Eden’s mother Carolyn Coventry remembers playing dress up with her daughter as a baby.Siddiqi uses they instead of the gender-specific pronoun she or he.They suspect their date drugged the wine while their back was turned preparing dinner.

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A transgender person is still having nightmares after they say they were drugged, assaulted and robbed three weeks ago — and they don't believe Montreal police are taking the case seriously.