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The gaggle of actors (rather than merely movie stars) who join Ryan and Lupino in bringing the visions of Houseman, Ray, and Herrmann (oh my! Ryan plays hard-boiled city cop Jim Wilson, who already is burned out before a frustratingly prolonged search for a pair of cop killers further stresses him.As Wilson laments (and Archive points out on the back cover of the Blu-ray) while beating a subject, he does not want to beat that scumbag whom Wilson and that "upstanding citizen" know is going to talk anyway.I follow the instruction, submit to the inner sensorium. I see myself standing beside Amfortas, the Fisher King, in the Pole Star watching a king fisher dive.What enters is as much shape as sound, ideas like iron filings on a magnetic field. How did Amfortas end up in my boat, both of us in the stern waiting for Parzival or his equivalent?The front door opens on a gas station/ convenience store at the far side of a parking lot.

He wears a domed hat, like a novitiate in an obscure Italian order, but might as easily be . This ghost in the room I think of as Pedrolino has awakened a ghost in me.

Standing 6’8”, aka Maximus, and former rector of Black Mountain College, Olson played a major role in the dynamic changes that drove mid-20th Century American poetry.

Ferrini appears small beside him, but no less haunting.

I understand the implication that I am still developing as a fisherman, but have no doubt that knowing fish has brought me here.

Framed poems hang on white walls beside images of Ferrini and his friend, larger than life poet Charles Olson, who mythologized Gloucester as Joyce did Dublin.

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August 17th, 2014, at AM, newly risen light washes purple drawstring shades, which I keep half-shut.