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My experience as a mental health counselor and "resident behaviorist" informs advice I give about executive functioning, relationship skills, reducing fear and stress, basic parenting and behavioral skills, improving focus, and being effective in intensely emotional situations.I even ran a weight-loss group for people struggling with medication whose side effects included weight gain.In addition to reassuring you that we're a great fit for working together, it can help you to get unstuck, get motivated, and get moving again .My clients run the gamut from accountants to artists.My corporate experience informs the advice I give about management, leadership, dealing with office politics, "managing your manager," basic strategic planning, and maintaining work-life balance.As a hiring manager, I've been on the other side of the table when it comes to job interviews, evaluating resumes, and conducting and surviving layoffs.His insights on how to navigate workplace politics, manage executives' expectations, and incorporate a mindfulness practice into the workday have freed up a ton of mental energy for me.... M., from MD Press or click for more Google reviews...

(Unfortunately, I don't work with couples or accept health insurance.) Moving your life forward is provides fun, easy-to-use tools you can use to make big changes. Ever feel unmotivated, in need of a straight forward approach to get unstuck? Press or click here read more description, download a copy, or check out reader reviews.Gerry's advice and weekly tweaks to my though process were invaluable for me (I had tried getting started on my business for the prior 6 months without much progress).A side benefit of working with Gerry has been a huge reduction in the mental and emotional stress I was putting myself through in my full-time work.However, I completely get it if you'd like to think about it for a while.To get a feel for my work from the comfort of your own home, please consider reading my new book, The book contains the "secret sauce" to my coaching style.

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