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It is the spouses and the siblings and the children of those afflicted with AS whom we are trying to reach.

Especially those whose relative has not been correctly diagnosed with AS until well into their adulthood.

With patience and understanding, however, bridges can be built.

Two people, one with Asperger's and one without, for example, as is the case in my relationship, can learn what it is each other values, and how each other relates, what stresses each other and what calms or comforts each other.

' The posts here aren't always positive, but they do reflect the reality of living with a partner with AS.' A voluntary forum run by and for the partners of people who have AS.

Our pages are open and relevant to anyone, whatever age, gender etc. are by definition sociopathic, or that men by their nature are proto-rapists is corrected, the fundamental problems in relationships, having been incorrectly framed, will remain unresolved.

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People with high-functioning AS, with supportive education, are capable of making a balanced decision about their parenting preferences...

Where there is lengthy conflict related to separation, and where one party has Asperger's Syndrome, we submit that the source of post-separation conflict is likely to be found predominantly in the problems generated by the neurological disability.

Where there is lengthy conflict related to separation, and where one party has AS, the source of post-separation conflict is likely to be found predominantly in the problems generated by the neurological disability Whole book store sections are devoted to the techniques of marital and relationship problem solving, negotiation, and self-help.

This is a peer support service for adults on the autism spectrum.

Personal relationships and sexuality issues can be explored openly.

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