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Speed dating wagga wagga

'Parents should have the final say about what goes into their baby's body, it isn't the government's place.

'It is very sad that some parents who have made informed and conscious decisions to not partake in the vaccination scheme to date, have been bullied into submission using financial oppression by the government and had to offer up their child's veins against their better, free judgement.

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If there was too be an outbreak of something going around, I would do what any other responsible parent would and keep my child home until it has passed on by.

An anti-vaxxer mother-of-five who refuses to immunises her children has explained why she doesn't want her kids to be protected from killer diseases.

Sarah Mycroft, 40, says she will not let doctors give her children their jabs because she does not want their 'pure bodies' to be damaged.

'I proudly represent a newfound yet feared minority. 'Ninety per cent of my friends do choose to vaccinate their children – and I respect their choice – and am happy that their kids are healthy and seemingly unaffected.

It's just simply not a risk I was brave enough to make.

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