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Skype name forum for sex chat

A low groan escapes your lips, I can’t help but smile. “But, you see, I hurt desperately here,” I say with a trembling moan. “Mmm, yes please,” I reply, just as I begin to caress my breasts. Be it my mouth, or my pussy, at this point, I don’t think you’d care. You begin to stroke yourself a little faster, as I work my fingers down into my panties. My other hand is still pinching and pulling on my nipples.

It hurts so much,” I say, as I begin to pinch and pull at my nipples. Show me you can be my good girl,” you growl into your mic. You have faded blue jeans on, which come off quickly, along with your boxer briefs. Your cock points straight out, ready to just be buried inside me. ” You ask, sitting back down, stroking your cock lightly. It causes me to moan out, trembling with excitement.

Your seed sprays all over your chest, shooting up high and landing down on you.

Slowly stroking ourselves still, we come down from our high.

I watch the circling movement of the frame until my cam suddenly pops up. From the angle it is in, you can’t see I’m nearly naked. “Let me see you, please, my love,” I whisper softly. Your strong jawline, your almost squared chin, the way your dark hair drops around your eyes. Your chest is clearly defined, muscles that last all day long exposed to me. Normally when I masturbate, I close my eyes, to let the images fill my mind easier, but not with you.

You’re confusing me.” I hear the confusion clearly in your voice. Your face is full concern, but the strong features are what I notice more. Your entire body trembling with need, to finally be filled of my cock.” Listening to you, I keep my eyes on you.

I’m groping my breasts, slowly grinding against the bed.

I watch your hand causally stroke your cock, watching it grow soft.

It hurts so much,” I express, telling you vaguely what is wrong. “I guess you’re just going to have to punish me,” I state, teasing you further. Five smacks to each ass cheek will do, I think,” you grin at me wickedly.In my darkened bedroom, I stare at the blinking cursor on our Skype chat. I have a surprise for you, when you do eventually come on. Two fingers hooked against my g-spot, I'm coming hard. Gasping for air, I whine out, begging you to fuck me harder. It has seemed like one of the longest days of my life. I’m sitting here on my bed, with the blankets already turned down. Bucking my hips up into my hand, I drive my fingers deeper. 26 y/o Asian here looking for hairy guys, muscle dads or jocks to have some cam fun. I'm only into pure jerking off, dirty talks and moaning. I'm also a bottom and I could do fingering but not much.

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