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Others can’t fathom mixing dating with raising kids, so they put the thought indefinitely on the back burner.Still others thirst for love, romance and companionship, only to be thwarted in their attempts because they feel out of practice, believe that being a single parent holds a stigma or are turned off by the quirks of finding love online.Mott, on the other hand, has officially sworn off of online dating sites.“I’ve had virtually no success with them,” he says of his 10 years’ experience.No one doubts that being a single parent is a tough job.But when you throw dating into the mix, there arises a whole new set of challenges.But that doesn’t mean dating online isn’t without its pitfalls, especially when your “paper impression” of a person doesn’t live up to the real thing.“I go on these dates and I’m so friggin’ angry that I’m not spending the time with a good friend or at home cleaning a closet,” she says.

“I have found that it’s much better to meet a woman through friends because the mutual connection makes you both more respectful of each other,” he says.

“It was getting back out there and getting my feet wet,” says Gitnick, who has an 11-year-old son and has been single since he was 7 months old.

Gitnick soon started to date people she didn’t know. Most of the men Gitnick has dated didn’t have children of their own, which initially made her feel awkward, not knowing when she should bring it up.

He’s had three girlfriends in the past five years and all of them wanted to have children – all while he was busy getting his own out of the house.

“We all knew there was an expiration date,” he adds. The first step is to consider one’s own attitude, especially when it’s easier to claim you’re too busy to date.

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Sleep deprivation, an intense schedule and concern over the reaction of children are just some of the complications that can deflate a single parent’s pursuit of romance.

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