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Talking about an ex is pretty taboo to begin with, but as a dating single parent you might be asking a future partner to deal with your ex being involved in your life. If they’re rude about the situation, then you should let them go.But if they’re being honest in telling you that they’re nervous, then give them a break.They don’t have to know all the answers right away, and neither do you.You enjoy dating and you look forward to spending time with the new person in your life.Time on a date is time you’re spending away from your child.

In those months of being alone, I found my own happiness.

If you’re not feeling it with the person, go ahead and end it.

There are other people out there that will make your dating time worth it.

Some potential partners might be looking to settle down, but you just want to go out a few nights a week and have sex.

It’s totally fine to be on different pages, but it’s something you need to speak about sooner rather than later.

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