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He wanted to work in book publishing, and Wenner picked up on his professional ambitions, at times “dangling the idea of a job” at Rolling Stone.

Wells said he arrived at Wenner’s home expecting to talk about what he could do at Rolling Stone.

Wells took the job thinking this was the beginning of his career. “When I started working there, Jann wasn’t too interested in what I did,” Wells said.

“I knew when I started working there, there was always the question of a continuing sexual relationship.”Wells thought to himself, though, No, that’s not going to happen.

Wells rocked side to side to gather up enough momentum to push Wenner off him.“I got my clothes and just tore out of there and ran home and showered,” Wells said.

“I was terrified he was going to catch me.”"I am completely surprised by these allegations, as we have remained friends for almost 35 years since then,” Wenner said in a statement to Buzz Feed News.

Despite having only ever dated women, Wells went on to have consensual sex with Wenner twice more in the weeks after the evening in Wenner’s study.“Then I realized, ‘what are you doing? “I was never attracted to a man in my life.”In those weeks, Wells and Wenner had also begun discussing him working at the magazine in greater detail.

It’s unclear if Wenner feared Wells would out him as gay. Wells said he always interpreted Wenner agreeing to the settlement as him not wanting the nature of what happened to come to light.

Wells said he never thought it was because Wenner hadn’t publicly come out as gay, because “to me, he didn’t seem to care how he was seen.” Wells’ lawyer from the time told Buzz Feed News he doesn’t recall his client giving Wenner money, but said Rolling Stone agreed to not pursue the case after he suggested Wells would talk to the press.

I didn’t feel anything,” Wells recently recalled to Buzz Feed News.

“I said ‘sure, why not.’”Wells said he had shared his childhood history with Wenner, including when Wells’ father, suspecting his son might be gay — an “unbearable thought” for his dad — sent him to a female prostitute shortly after his 14th birthday. He said he has only ever been attracted to and dated women.

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(Wells’ father died in 2003.)The prostitute did not stay for very long, Wells said.