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Please share Tailgate News with your timeline to help us build readership. If you like adventure stories of real life, these books may be for you. The first Tailgate News was published in May of 2007.

We started out, and remain, a magazine stressing the good news around us; particularly in the categories of community progress, high school sports and Christian testimonies. See “Dillinger and more books” on the dashboard to read about the colorful life of a bank robber in the 1930’s. Our average site hits, that is individual readers, are now between 2,000 and 4,000 per week.

Being a little kid, I really could not say for sure what the cause of the accident must have been.

But a drunk out of control sounds like a pretty reasonable explanation.

THE MEMPHIS TREE After West Virginia, my father took a job at the University of Tennessee Medical Center for a Dr. I was stringing popcorn with my grandfather to go on our tree.

Heads up to scrap bookers and those with co-op advertising.I had been playing with kids from around the apartment and not paying attention to the closing doors. Actually she was just a grown up, but when you are two all grown ups are large.It did not occur to me that the iron, end of the floor, door would be too heavy to open for my little hands. It turned out the lady was a registered nurse and friend of my father’s. Dad’s reaction was very concerned but very professional. He took my Dad and me out on the water and it was the first time I had ever been in a motor boat.I carelessly laid my hand across the door frame and got to talking to another kid. I remember her running in front of me, in her pajamas. He X-rayed my fingers and found out they were just badly bruised, but not broken. But the biggest small child memory I have of Memphis was when a car nearly came though our apartment picture window.But my smiles from our play disappeared quite promptly when that door closed. That is fortunate, as I would need those fingers to type many stories for years to come. I was about six months away from entering kindergarten and it was Christmas time.

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It has to be really cold though for the frost bite to come back. This one involves a couple of my fingers getting caught in an iron door.

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