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Sex chat on phil

It comes out that Sadler chops up Norco and snorts.Steve Bosell is doing his standup act at the local church but because he isn't funny enough is still forced to perform before the kiddies.Herb Sewell doesn't want to say "Happy Mother's Day." He wants to say "Mother's Day." That's it. Art Griego believes ...…Dr Jim Sadler is happy Starbucks is investing in diversity training but racist or not, he loves their Mermaid Frappuccinos.Steve Bosell was rooting for the Nashville Predators until some moron threw a catfish on the ice.Also Don Micksa says he dropped off a rental car that he claims the rental agent planted cat shit in. The BSP Classic Show is from September 2002 and features Bob Mc Graw who is publishing a book ...…Phil talks about Rex Tillerson and Margaret breaks into song, "No Promises" by Icehouse. Steve Bosell says kids shouldn't wear firefighter and police costumes because they might be mista ...…Margaret, it turns out, loves salted in-the-shell peanuts and a good ball game.Vernon Dozier is hyper tense again, this time over the Vegas Knights. Frank Grey hops on the line from the golf course to explain.From September 2005, Frazier Foods CEO Bob Green relates his problem with graffiti in the female employee restroom. Chris Norton wants to take someone's underage daughter to the prom in a limo and take nude pics.Phil closes talking about having food poisoning from e ...…Tom Cattan, owner of the Health Juice Wagon, visits the show and makes Phil a juice drink but the crew finds out Tom was sleeping with a customer and almost got killed by her husband.

The BSP Classic Hour, from November 2000, is a real CLASSIC. H ...…Phil rolls out a "Phil Classic" from January [email protected] discussing whether teenage girls should be given sex toys by parents…(erm…nah). Not did she find Phillip’s “mass debate” gag funny #itv #itvshows #morningtv #thismorning — Davy Lyons (@davylyonsauthor) April 26, 2018 This is absolutely ludicrous, the only rabbits 13 year old girls should be interacting with are the ones you get in Sylvanian family sets!Phil hosts another another Hendrie Radio Classic, this one from March of 2000. Don't waste time at the Lexus dealer, sex offender halfway house, and women are into sex for money. Steve Bosell and his church group are going door to door asking to see family photo albums so they can remove pictures of babies in bathtubs and othe ...…Phil hosts a Phil Classic "Soul Coke" with Bob Green while pitching the new 20 percent off, one year BSP! Brad Riffkin, author of "Falling Out of Favor: The Patsy Ramsey Story", joins the show.Steve is also having a hard time dealing with seeing black hockey ...…Coach Vernon Dozier is our guest host. And Deane Wheeler restarts his Yogo idea but the deep breathing exercise is too weird. Jay Santos is closing lanes on the 405 and 101 near traffic accidents and conducting random searches to "take a peek around."Sign up for a Bac ...…Studio maintenance...Phil tossing the Presonus 16.0.2 digital mixer off the Ventura Pier and into the Pacific Ocean... From December 1999, RC Collins raves about the explosions he saw on TV.

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Steve Dooley is running again for Western Estate HOA Vice President but he has a dark secret.

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