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I listened to Richard Harris sing Mc Arthur Park in the late 60's that was part of an album with a mix of other music. Thank you Jimmy Webb, you are a great songwriter...

I think we wore out that album playing it over and over and over at the highest level possible on the record player. Can anyone shed insight or share information regarding how Mr.

That to me in of itself shows the little bit of corny side of him that is seen in the lyrics of the song.

If you haven't seen Jimmy Webb's version of this song you should check it out on You Tube.

To me it explains a lot about his personality and makes the sentimentality in the song so much more believable.

It seems he was continuing to express his sorrow of his loss and the loneliness he was still feeling as he performed the song.

This is also why I believe the song was not written as a joke. I'm not sure why so many find the symbology in this song so difficult to understand.

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ABC/Dunhill Records original pressings of this 45 were infamous for skipping horribly after a few plays due to the grooves being so compressed for the length.