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Do you really think that women like this need to be on a hook up site to meet men willing to have sex with them?Like we mentioned above we received over 100 emails,106 to be exact from women on Flirt When we first signed up last year we started getting emails within mere minutes.Flirt Local discusses in detail exactly how they run their business, this includes how they use fake profiles, fake emails and how they deceive people.This is a irrefutable evidence that cannot be denied.The first reason they create fake profiles is that Flirt Local does not have enough real women using it.

From our experience and supporting evidence we will show and prove that the large majority of those emails and women emailing us were fake.The first thing they admit to doing is posting fictitious profiles.So what this means as I mentioned above in previous paragraphs is that the actually create fake dating profiles that have photographs of variouswoman and all types of personal information that are completely false.This site is associated with a number of fraudulent dating sites that we have covered that include, Meet, and Horny When we first signed up with Flirt we were taken back with the amount of very attractive looking women on the site. People reading this who have no experience with online dating sites might think that they hit the jackpot with all the horny looking local ladies looking to meet you in person.

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This scenario happened over and over getting emails from hot looking girls.