Ryan gosling eva mendes dating since eric lindros and zofia borucka dating

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Ryan gosling eva mendes dating since

She didn't want to be the glamor girl anymore, and wanted to find deeper, different roles that were going to be more challenging — and more meaningful — going forward. "When it comes to being an actress I actually really love coming from a very raw place.

Any opportunity I get not to wear makeup on set, I take.

in 2013 for a chat not only about where her career had been but where it was going next.

It goes without saying that Eva Mendes fights for as much privacy as she can get.

"I was attracted to the fact that the character was such a mess of a woman and such a disaster of a mother, but really, truly trying her best," she told .

"I wanted to play a really flawed, real human being, and I knew, within the first few pages of the script, that she was just that." Audiences didn't think that's what they wanted to see, though, and the movie finished with a .6 million domestic gross after just 6 weeks in theaters.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, becoming a mother has made Mendes worry less about glamorous dresses and more on, you know, the important stuff. Mendes hasn't had the best track record with her films of late, and that can put a damper on anyone's career.

According to might have changed Mendes's personal life, but it just didn't get people going to the theaters.

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With a budget of $25 million, its domestic gross of just over $1.7 million was nothing short of heartbreaking.

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