Relationshipdating com

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Relationshipdating com

Principle #1 Seek Friendships with others first, then "Relationship Date." Seek to build friendships with others first before you focus on dating someone you are attracted to.

This meets your human need for companionship and provides a solid foundation for any relationship with the opposite sex that might lead to marriage.

Issues of life compatibility should be tested in this relationship as much as possible.

They later found themselves in the miserable situation of being married to an unbeliever or an uncommitted Christian.

Seek another Christian who is also growing in his or her relationship with Christ.

Growing Christians become mature Christians and mature Christians are capable of developing healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

This is where you are laying a foundation for the future.

A happy marriage that lasts a lifetime is based upon a genuine care and concern for each other regardless of the kind of romantic feelings you have at any given moment.

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Principle #3 Focus on building up the other person in Christ and helping him or her mature. Therefore, keep your body pure and help the other person keep his or her body pure.

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