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Priority mail tracking not updating

And since the USPS is goverment funded and no one wants to fund the goverment or pay taxes to improve the goverment the people bitch about, its failing. Im sure their administration is fucked up but it sucks when people are losing their jobs. I went through the same thing that you went through. Right now my tracking still shows that it went to sorting facility. My only delivery confirmation was the G1145 text and email that I got from USCIS. USCIS got my package on the 23rd, the day USPS stopped updating their site. I sent it out priority on Saturday and while it was supposed to reach on Monday, USPS told me it hasn't been delivered too. Today is thursday and it has not been delivered yet! Please use some other method so you do not go thru what I am going thru.I sent mines through USPS and I thought that my package was lost because I sent mines on the 21st and USPS site stopped updating on the 23rd. Im guessing your package was delivered on the 27th. Here is my tracking info as of today: Delivery status not updated August 28, 2012, am Out for Delivery August 27, 2012, am CHICAGO, IL 60604 Sorting Complete August 27, 2012, am CHICAGO, IL 60604 Arrival at Post Office August 27, 2012, am CHICAGO, IL 60604 Depart USPS Sort Facility August 27, 2012 CHICAGO, IL 60701 Processed through USPS Sort Facility August 26, 2012, pm CHICAGO, IL 60701 Depart USPS Sort Facility August 26, 2012 ALLEN PARK, MI 48101 Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility August 25, 2012, pm ALLEN PARK, MI 48101 Thank you arclite for sharing your experience. I called USPS and they said if it is not delivered within five days they'll start an investigation.I would definitely want my package there as quick as possible no matter what.Ironically, the OP is 1hr away from the Chicago address. HOWEVER, I was worried out of my mind all last week.

The confirmation link from USPS says it was delivered today. Except USPS confirmed that my package has not been delivered. Well it's been five days and they started the investigation.

I wasn't lecturing you, I was adding to the fact that there's no need to use priority when Express is better.

You just happened to write you sent yours on a Saturday so I replied with my two cents. If Priority shipments get delivered at the same time as Express shipments, why are people with the Express shipments getting processed ahead of those with Priority?

USPS tracking stopped updating on the 28th obviously because it was delivered on that day but I had no idea because tracking info never updated.

In fact, my package "is still out for delivery" as of today.

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I called USPS on the fourth day (29th) and they CONFIRMED that my package had not been delivered yet and told me to call again on the fifth day if tracking didnt update.

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