Park avenue dating

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Park avenue dating

Later this Lorain Avenue address became a car sales agency and the Asplin Basket Company office was relocated south and slightly east to 3776 West 150th Street.William Asplin apparently continued to manufacture baskets from this location right up until the 1970s, finally ceasing operation by 1977.The lower classes were conducted on the first floor.The high school was conducted and the town affairs tended to on the second floor.William Asplin and his wife, Josephine, resided only a few minutes away from the basket company at 3690 West Park Avenue where their former home can be still be seen. In 1974 the late Dave Longaberger began renting the facilities of the still-operating Asplin Company in Hartville to produce his world-famous collectible hardwood baskets. Longaberger bought the Asplin plant outright but it burned down before the deed was finalized!Undaunted, he rebuilt the facility and this location is still a branch of Longaberger Baskets today.To more precisely locate the basket company for older West Parkers who, like me, are puzzled why they cant recall the place, the office and buildings stood along the west side of West 150th, immediately south of the CEI substation on the southwest corner of Lorain, and extended south to where the Veterinary Hospital of Dr. (Probably a lot of older residents remember this vets office.)Today all the old buildings, including the aforementioned vets office, are gone.

Named Central High School it went through several transformations. In 1946 the building was purchased by Leopold Furniture Store.

These details are lost in our 1976 black-and-white photo as the "point" had been removed by this time and the building is vacant.

From about 1968 to 74 the place operated as PDQ Hamburgers.

The 17th Precinct Police Station at 15619 Lorain, near where Triskett meets Lorain, stood just east of the building Fire Department Engine Co. That area was then the busiest area of West Park including roadhouses or restaurants.

Not only was the Sherman House across Lorain but just to the east was The Lorain Street House, later known as the Rockport Inn.

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