Paradox of choice dating

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Paradox of choice dating

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would go on and do anything.The question then becomes: if it’s so common, do you even want to know about it?You may not use our material for commercial purposes.You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that restrict others from doing anything permitted here.If it’s going to progress and cause a problem, then definitely; catching it early could save your life.But, if it’s never going to grow, if it’s going to remain microscopic, then finding it could actually be bad for you.But in practice, stretch goals rarely work out, the authors’ research shows. When Marissa Mayer took the helm of the ailing internet giant, in 2012, she announced a number of wildly ambitious targets, including the exceptionally difficult objective of achieving double-digit annual growth.Five years later, she’d fallen far short on them all, and Yahoo was still struggling.

So, yeah, using that definition, one in five of these women technically had cancer, like this 30-year-old here.But “[t]he harms caused by [becoming a cancer patient unnecessarily can be] lifelong,” and even mean a shorter life.It’s “important to be aware that some of the [needlessly treated] women will die from that treatment.” For example, radiation treatments can’t help but penetrate down into the heart as well, increasing risk of the #1 killer of women: heart disease.This raises questions about doing routine mammograms, period, as it “converts thousands of healthy women into cancer patients unnecessarily”—some of whom .Ironically, though, those who do become mammography’s biggest cheerleaders, thinking mammograms saved their life.

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While false-positive results, pain during the procedure, and radiation exposure may be among the most frequent harms associated with mammogram screening, “the most serious downside” is now recognized to be something called “overdiagnosis”—so serious as to raise the question: “does it make [the whole thing] worthless?

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