Online dating 101

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Online dating 101

If you aren't happy and optimistic then you shouldn't be online dating (to begin with).

To be truly available for someone else we have to be happy with who we are.

Once we are happy as a single person it's easy to not date the wrong people, because we are happy on our own.

If your happiness is contingent upon a relationship or another person, it's doomed to fail, because nothing should be more powerful than your own relationship with you. We have to get honest and ask ourselves "What am I actually trying to get from this online dating?

But eventually, there comes a point when continuing to have a live dating profile can be awkward and cause friction within a relationship, even if you aren't actually using it.READ MORE: How to make a long distance relationship work It all boils down to caring about your effort and attempt in finding a match.If you do it sloppily, then you are going to get sloppy results.The problem isn't online dating; the problem is our lack of courage in being confident in our own originality to offer other people.Don't describe "everyone" on your dating profile, describe you.

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Be honest about your effort at online dating and through that know its ok if you don't meet one person because you were already happy as a person before you registered.

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