Office communicator presence not updating

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Office communicator presence not updating

There are two different supported methods to providing updates to the devices: a manual one-off process and a more centralized distribution method.

There is very little documentation out there regarding the centralized method as it was only available for the Round Table back in the OCS 2007 release which leveraged the complicated Windows Software Updates Services approach.

(For more details see this recent blog article to fully understand how HD video is supported and available in Lync Server 2010.) The panoramic video ribbon is part of the Real-Time Video (RTV) codec and is defined by a resolution of 1056×144 at 15 fps which can consume between 50-350Kbps of bandwidth.

Even at the high-end of 350Kbps the panoramic video is not capable of displaying resolutions above even what VGA (640×480) can provide, which by comparison scales up to 600Kbps.

Now that the software is installed on the workstation the next step is to connect the device and copy over the data via the USB connection. So while VGA is comprised of 307,200 pixels the panoramic video only has 152,064 pixels, thus clearly even the standard Round Table or CX5000 cameras at VGA are capable of capturing sharper video then the panoramic resolution can even transmit today.This is why introduction of HD cameras has no impact on the 360-degree video ribbon installed on either CX5000 model (SD or HD) it is only intended for use on the new HD model and will only be available as a pre-installed version on all newly manufactured HD models.As this firmware package will not be released to the general public then it will not be installed on older CX5000 models.

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