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Non validating xml parser java

Because Bean IO is built like a pull parser, it does not support XML validation against a DTD or XML schema.

Where this functionality is needed, it is recommended to make two passes on the input document.

Bean IO uses a streaming XML (St AX) parser to read and write XML, and will never hold more than the minimum amount of XML in memory needed to marshall or unmarshall a single bean object.

That said, it is still possible to run out of memory (heap space) with poorly designed XML documents and/or misconfigured mapping files.

If the stream layout does not strictly enforce record sequencing, further reads from the input stream are likely to be successful.

Let's suppose we are reading a CSV input file of orders that contains an order, followed by the customer that placed the order, followed by a detailed list of items that make up the order.

A sample input file might look like this: will most likely not be able to recover.

Bean IO supports several common field validation rules when reading an input stream.

All field validation rules are validated against the field text before type conversion.

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Thrown when the underlying input stream is malformed based on the configured stream format, and therefore a record could not be accurately read from the stream.