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The action continued and continued, they were in no hurry to get it done, she was obviously enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding gently in and out of her pussy while holding him close in the warm bubbling water.Another couple started to caress each other gently as they got more and more turned on by the obvious pleasure being taken in the corner.There was a man sat facing into the water and a girl, kneeling astride, facing him.There was no denying what they were up to as her leisurely rising and falling gave no room for doubt.

His eyes fell on an elderly couple, well about his age actually, who were just chatting to each-other so he picked up his courage and started to chat to the man about how this was his first time and how should he get started etc.Because of that, it was difficult to even guess at how many swingers there were.We love eachother very much and prefer to play hard with strangers and save our sensuality for ourselves.Perhaps the most unexpected thing was the average age.Sure there were some thirty somethings, but most must have been in their fifties and some a good deal older but the atmosphere oozed sex and it was obvious what everyone was here for: sex, good, raunchy, animal, sex.

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She was a big lass, such as he could see from her back, hefty and with broad shoulders but was clearly and erotically enjoying a really slow and leisurely shag.

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  1. If you aren’t new to the online dating world, you must’ve been tricked at least once in your life by someone posting their old pictures or the photoshopped version of them.