Mutually exclusive dating

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Actually, for fun, I downloaded Tinder just to boost my ego, see what kind of guys were attracted to me (I was only in NY for a week more and I was working and had a packed schedule) so I didn't really have anytime to date or hook up, but I ultimately did meet someone who I've really become interested in. Enter into a relationship with a moment (: The moment you decide to be a couple? and at point I found out she was still seeing other men... It's not like after date 2, when I'm still seeing other girls, I find out she's seeing other guys and I lose my shit on her. Primarily I have lived in urban areas, but nowadays I live in the country.Honestly, if you ever decide to cross that line and try it, it helps. Haha I mean, it's supposed to be a significant moment right? I wouldnt consider it polygamous territory as much as a sign of how they view other people.I'm hearing some people prefer mutual exclusivity right off the bat and others prefer dating multiple people until exclusiveness is established. I'm also wondering if there's a generational difference in opinion in this question and if someone's background/cultural differences affects the way that the perceive dating, so if you're comfortable with it, please mention your age and country of origin (state if the U.S.)I'm aware this is r/Ask Male, but since there's also some women floating around and posting, if you can also indicate your sex that would be awesome (: Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!If you think you are becoming to attached, you maintain some space and try to control your emotions.If you you think you are more invested than I am, you talk to me about it.I am an outgoing, honest, passionate, and intense person. then it is on him if the girl has to guess because of his inability to communicate. I posted this on r/Ask Reddit to see what kind of feedback I'd get from the other half of the population and one of the replies I got which I thought was a great point was that it's important to have the time to get to know someone.You know when I am attracted to you, impressed by you, and interested in what could happen in the future. Albeit the get-to-know-someone stage can occur while you are exclusively dating someone, but at the same time (IMO) being exclusive is putting a lot of pressure for this one relationship (I use this term loosely, not to signify anything of the significant sort) to work out. Mind if I ask, for aforementioned reasons, age & location (if you're comfortable with replying).

I heard someone asking their date: Girl: Are you seeing anyone else? Granted, if she is completely honest about it there is no harm or foul or immorality on her part. However, I am not game with that mentality Interesting, but if you find that the girl revealed this, would you not think it'd be more dangerous territory given that it may lead to misunderstandings such as "she/he doesn't want anything serious", "I'm not enough", "she didn't think I'm relationship material", "I'm her fall back choice", etc....

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Either we both are exclusive, or we both aren't, or it isn't working outi never assume exclusivity until we have the conversation.

However, I personally am never in the situation where a conversation is necessary. I only ever reall loved one girl, and when I started taking her out, just found myself not motivated to take anyone else out.

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Picking up another guy or continuing with another guy would portray really bad coping mechanisms to me, and would probably push me away.

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