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For Gaston, who runs the projectors at his local multiplex, it all began three years ago when he spotted a blurb in his hometown paper. It said that there was an independent film being shot in Lancaster county and actors and crew were needed. Blaine Norris, director, was not exactly a marquee name in filmmaking— far from it as it turns out.Dennis Murphy, Dateline correspondent: You had an itch for whatever this thing might turn out to be, huh? From 9 to 5 p.m., Norris worked as a computer tech for a Harrisburg insurance company.If the story’s true, the reluctant wife unwittingly set off a lethal chain of events. For the novice director it was decision time— here he had no investor, no camera gear or cameraman: Should he pull the plug on the movie and call it quits?Or figure out some other way to come up with the money that would get his little film all the way to a final cut and in the can? An “A” for desire and ambition maybe, but those early pre-production setbacks would creep up on Blaine Norris and cause the rookie director to contemplate horror in a whole new way. Griggs: The weird thing was he was starting to e-mail me about things that didn't have anything to do with the project.Dennis Murphy, Dateline correspondent: Robyn, you know very well even independent films, shoe-string budgets can be expensive. Norris’ only marquee name was now out of the picture. She’d done some regional theater and had already auditioned for Blaine Norris. Amber Muncy, actress: Before we started shooting there were grocery bags full of food all spread out in this room and all the equipment and everything, and I did wonder where all the money was coming from.As it turns out, the movie was being financed on plastic.

But one cast member wasn’t impressed— Robyn Griggs, the only true acting pro in the bunch. Just as cast and crew were getting ready to hike into the woods, Robyn Griggs broke her arm.

There was a time when Sean Gaston could look at this bleak stretch of the Appalachian trail in central Pennsylvania and see the bright lights of Hollywood just beyond.

A few years back, he and a handful of others were starring in a low, low budget horror flick being shot there.

Back then, Gaston and his fellow no-name actors assumed this flirtation with the dark side would be a ticket to instant stardom or, more likely, a week of harmless fun away from the grind of their day jobs.

But no one knew then that the cheesy little slasher movie would spawn a real-life horror all of its own—a truly scary story, a plot filled with greed, deception and most important of all: a killer ending.

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But that was a weird thing, none of the actors ever saw Trimble the cameraman, or his camera— not at the auditions or rehearsals.

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