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Ms excel screen updating

If I switch to another application, the strange screen state is ok. If I click "Work in Excel Mode" (a different command button) on this form ("PIF Control Menu"), the user form ("PIF Control Menu") is hidden and all of the worksheets in the file are made visible for the user browse. RESOLUTIONA workaround is to set the Screen Updating property of the application object to True after you have made the window visible.This will force Excel to repaint its client area so that it will be displayed properly.At what point do you begin processing the Print command?I am sure that we will get to the solution, eventually!The new one loads fine, but the old is still on the screen (the "frozen screen" theory again, in that the form, I think is actually unloaded, but the screen just doesn't know it). Well, I'm not much of a coder, but I'd wager a guess that if you've got code that has turned off screen updating, you might want to turn it back on during the form swapping progress and then back off again when it runs the rest of your code. [email protected] MVP for Microsoft Word Dreamboat mentioned, try turning the screen updating ON. Screen Updating = True Dimensional [email protected] I welcome e-mail messages, please post all thread activity in these forums for the benefit of all members. The issue is not one of screen updating, not in the literal sense anyway (as in, application.screenupdating=true). Also, when you drag the new form across the screen, it leaves a trail, like when you put that feature on your mouse, except in this case, the trail stays on the screen all the time (and doesn't go away like it does with the mouse).Anyway, don't know if you have any other suggestions, but thought I'd give a little further insight into my problem. It may help if you could show the code you are using to load and unload your forms.- bonus question..thanks My forms are "Spec Reports" and "PIFControl Menu". Thank you for your cooperation." _ & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & "Error Number: " & Err.Number & vb Cr Lf & "Error " _ & "Description: " & Err. Repaint Unload Spec Reports Exit Sub End If When they hit the button to print, why don't you disable the Cancel button. Then, at the end of the print function, enable the buttons again.

Unfortuntely, there can be so many different problems that it is hard to pinpoint.For Excel 2000, select Microsoft Excel 9.0 object library, and for Excel 2002, select the Microsoft Excel 10.0 object library. Copy the following code to the Code Window of Form1: Private o App As Excel. Visible = True End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Set o App = Create Object("Excel. Caption = "Show Excel" End Sub Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer) Set o App = Nothing End Sub On the Run menu, click Start, or press the F5 key to start the program. Close Excel by pressing the Close button on Excel's title bar, or by selecting Exit from the File menu.Now press the Visual Basic Command button again, and note that Excel does not paint itself correctly.Description, vb OKOnly vb Critical, "Please Report Error" Spec Reports. Dimensional [email protected] I welcome e-mail messages, please post all thread activity in these forums for the benefit of all members. This I don't know how to's the little box that pops up that says, "Printing page 1,2,3,...etc". I want them to be able to cancel.-Mike Step 1: Have you tried Dreamboat's suggestions yet? : Since you mentioned "worksheet.recalculate", I assume that you are doing this in Excel. In the code for one of the forms or in your print function?OK, let me see if I get this straight.- You have a PRINT button on your form.

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