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Ms excel cells not updating

You need a qualifying Office 365 subscription to use advanced features. On larger tablets, laptops, and desktops, you can view spreadsheets for free.A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to create and edit spreadsheets.If you've moved or renamed your source workbook, however, you need to update the link manually by directing Excel to the source's new location.Browse to the source workbook's current location, choose it and press "OK." Provided you pick the correct workbook, the source listed in the Edit Links window will read "OK" in the Status column, and the data in all linked cells will update.For more information, see requirements that follow.*** SPREADSHEETS ON THE GO • Spreadsheets look great on your phone and tablet: Formulas, charts, tables, and conditional formatting are all there.

Have you ever imported data into Excel, from your credit card statement, or somewhere else, and had a problem formatting the dates?And, if you try to sort that column of dates, things end up in the wrong order.That happened to me this week, and here’s how I fixed the problem, using a built-in Excel tool.The default option, "Let users choose..." uses the current user's setting, which by default displays an update prompt each time you open the workbook.Close all open dialog boxes and select a linked cell to verify that its formula points to the updated source workbook.

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* Returns a single quote (') if the cell is left-aligned.