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A monument to the memory of Yves Saint Laurent, who died on June 1, 2008, it is composed of a Roman column which came from his Tangier home, placed on a red-ochre base.

Situated at the end of the seguia (irrigation canal) which runs from the former artist’s studio, the pavilion was designed by Jacques Majorelle, who painted there.

With its chiselled plaster, mix of colours and moucharabieh, it is reminiscent of Arab-Andalucian architecture and fits perfectly in the garden. Collections of cacti, exotic plants and trees are landscaped to emphasize each one’s unique beauty.

For far too long, transgenders lived without a sense of history as a people.

The Houston Transgender Archive addresses this by actively searching out and acquiring transgender history.

All art forms linked to the country are represented, from architecture to the decorative arts (woodworking, plaster and zellige), landscaping and the art of the garden, jewellery, clothes, photography…A plaque bearing the name of Yves Saint Laurent and two white marble benches allow visitors to pause and remember … The elegant bamboo with decorative foliage are originally from southeast Asia.They have now created a little forest which extends from the south to the west of the garden, between the boundary walls and a winding path; the dappled light and shadows and the gentle breeze through the leaves give a sense of well-being.Before entering the garden itself, the visitor is greeted by an enclosed space with a square fountain.Designed by renowned American decorator Bill Willis, the colourful zelliges (terracotta tile work) that decorate the fountain show his passion for Moroccan artisanal techniques.

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While this work does not mention transgenders at all, it’s author is very significant to...

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