Mediamatic dating

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Mediamatic dating

Willem Velthoven | director Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Willem Velthoven is fascinated by the cultural sector’s chances to become an essential social hub in society.

New media and especially user generated content in open social networks offer enormous possibilities for the innovation of cultural practice.

However, WRAP acknowledges that in reality a combination of factors, play a part.

For example, young people moving away from home may face practical barriers such as lack of storage space in freezers and fridges in multi-person households.

I spoke to a number of millennials about why they end up throwing away food, and Alex, who lives in Bristol, cited shared living as one reason food may be wasted in his household.

Its interest lies in the cultural developments that go hand in hand with new technologies and in new technologies that cause cultural development.

Mediamatic organizes exhibitions, salons, lectures, workshops, screenings in public space and develops software and art projects.

Mediamatic Foundation collaborates with Mediamatic Lab. Mediamatic lab is a web2.0 agency, that designs social network projects, communities and connections to the physical world.

Mediamatic's systems are great for sharing knowledge, culture and friends.

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Next to a series of exhibitions about self representation on the net, currently Mediamatic are looking into the possibility of becoming a global travel service.

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