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With Nathan Riggs crossing over into his work, Martin is forced to make some particularly heavy, albeit overdue, decisions.

When Riggs hears that the outcome of this case makes his father’s freedom a very real possibility, Martin finally, truly has to come to terms with all of this baggage that continually tries to ruin his family and work life.

There’s a different, subtle dynamic in place and Leo is a lot better at figuring out the truth when there’s some element of adultery or romantic deception involved.

Murtaugh proves that he can handle the kidnapping business, but just when it looks like Riggs has his father on lock, he gets thrown for another loop. The development that Riggs actually has a teenage brother, Garrett, could honestly go either way here.

There have been a few episodes this season that have focused on Roger’s efforts to better his position at the LAPD.

These have largely been played for laughs as Murtaugh has had issues to deal with like secret pseudo-crushes, but they’ve still spoken to the journey that his character is on.

People are often told that change is good, but sometimes it’s not always so easy to make that call.

There’s a lot that works in this episode simply because of who’s doing what.On that note, Avery is suspiciously absent in this episode, but makes the most out of this and plays into Avery’s absence rather than try to cover it up.Whether this development was always in the cards for this episode or some scheduling around Kevin Rahm’s availability had to be considered, this actually works out quite well for both the series and Murtaugh.Furthermore, “Family Ties” features some pretty incredible truck stunts and some great action scenes set on the highway.The director does get a little too overzealous with the use of slow motion in this episode, some of which makes the action look a little sillier than intended.

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That being said, it was only three episodes ago that the show literally told the exact same kind of story that focused on Papa Riggs.