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Five elements are arranged into a single group that fit into a compressed frame.

There is a MAJOR, COMMON, FATAL flaw with the spark. This happened to me on my first flight and has been reported by hundreds of others on the DJI forums. I use drones professionally as a wedding/event videographer and previously flew the Phantom 3 Pro for 2 years professionally.

Seriously, this isn't even all about money, this is life and death situation and has the potential to cause various other problems such as property damage. Spark’s performance is much better than I expected. One add on not included in the package that is a must is a cable to connect your phone to the controller.

This eliminated the only problem that I encountered with the Spark which was an unstable Wi Fi connection between the phone and the controller.

The footage I get following me on my rides really shows the landscape and trails in a way that a helmet cam cannot. I am not tech challenged but after opening the box I noticed the instructions were packed into a small packaged that required a microscope to read.

It also has some great quick shot flight patterns that in very little time and ease produce memorable shots. Being a man, we don't read instructions, instead dive right in. I couldn't even get the thing to light up much less move.

If that would be possible you could more efficiently use your limited battery life.

Keep in mind that the rated 15min is only without video recording.

I've had the DJI Spark for three days and have downloaded all of the firmware updates.� All the machine does is hover if I launch it from my hand.� It does not recognize any of the gesture / hand controls.� The remote control does nothing.� It will not launch the drone from the ground.� What's ever worse, the drone will not turn off once it starts hovering.� Even after grabbing it with my palm and making numerous attempts to turn it off, it does nothing.� I have to wait for the battery to die before it will shut off.� Forget about taking photos or videos with this.� I will be sending this back to B&H.� DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.These guys need a good instruction writer unless they are striving for cult status.I am a seasoned RC flyer who has built DIY quadcopters as well as owned most DJI Phantoms including the P4Pro Plus.If you are a newbie, you look for a friend to help.If you struggle with technology you might think twice. Update: I have had to reinstall craft firmware three times in the first week due to issues like 'compass error' with no ability to recalibrate.

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You will also need to refresh your WIFI connection on your mobile device constantly.