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Or, perhaps, in this #Me Too moment, it went expectedly viral, by revealing the lengths women go to in order to manage men’s feelings, and the shaming they often suffer nonetheless.

A spokeswoman said via email that of all the fiction the magazine published this year, “Cat Person” was the most read online, and it’s also one of the most-read pieces overall in 2017.

In their interactions with men on these apps, one-word replies were sometimes seen as binding international treaties specifying that shipments of sex were on the way: A man ...

had sent her the same Ok Cupid line three times in the course of a month, asking her if she’d like to chat.

And we need to talk about all of the nuances of consent in order to fix our broken culture. olivia newton-john) (@brosandprose) December 9, 2017Treisman said she hopes the piece might make people, “stop and consider what’s driving them in any given encounter of a romantic kind ...

I think the fact that it’s generated this conversation has been a healthy thing.”After the fact, Margot puts off rejecting the man by saying she’s busy.

Margot was tl;dr: We need sex education that focuses on pleasure, not just on risk.

We need to create a culture of enthusiastic consent.

Some have questioned whether women who get drunk, go to men’s dorms, and even initiate intercourse could later have a genuine claim of sexual assault.Margot’s initial attempts at gentleness don’t spare her Robert’s wrath in the end—another twist that’s all too common.A few years ago, I interviewed women who were prolific online daters.Recent months make it seem like humanity has lost the instruction manual for its “procreate” function and has had to relearn it all from scratch.After scores of prominent men have been fired on sexual-assault allegations, confusion reigns about signals, how to read them, and how not to read them.

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Treisman said that while she was not looking for a story that touched on topical issues of sexual agency specifically, when this piece came in, she did hope to get it into the magazine “sooner rather than later.”The piece—which you can read here if you haven’t already and save yourself both spoilers and holiday-party alienation—follows a 20-year-old college student named Margot as she goes on a date with an older man, Robert, then breaks things off with him.