Kawartha lakes dating

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Kawartha lakes dating

Residents claim the plant is a nuisance, getting tangled in boat engines and affecting waterway navigation."It got to the point where people could not get out in their boats to enjoy the water," says Larry.

"Larry's sister lives two doors down, and his nephew lives where his dad used to be." Their living room is adorned with family photographs, showcasing fishing trips, grandchildren swimming, and other fond memories.

He sells it to wineries and on the market to Peterborough." "No one should have the right to plant a crop in the waterways for his own personal gain." The Woods and other cottage owners took action, forming the Save Pigeon Lake group.

After several years of lobbying various government bodies to stop the rice farming, Wood and his neighbours were issued a permit in July 2015 by Parks Canada, which oversees the Trent-Severn Waterway.

According to Parks Canada, it was intended to give cottage owners "the ability to safely navigate from the shoreline to the main channel in Pigeon Lake".

Subsequently, a private company was hired to remove the rice beds from shoreline areas.

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