Jessica ibrahima dating scam Uk teen sex hookups

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Jessica ibrahima dating scam

Hoaxes tend to mutate as they make their way around the interwebs.And, often, some helpful prankster will combine two or more previous hoaxes into one and relaunch the newly minted variant on an unsuspecting Internet public. Can you host, or do i need to come over to your place? If you want babe, you can actually verify you are not a sex offender creep or anything at my profile below and give me a call or text. Sorry but it’s the only way I’m going to meet someone from to be very careful these days.Yet Valentine's Day, and the days leading up to it, are the peak season for fraudsters who prey on the heart strings, and purse strings, of those looking for love online.The Dance of The Pope hoax has been circulating since 2015.Of course, the combined version has no more credibility or worth than the two silly hoaxes it is derived from.

They again circulate far and wide, passed on by well-meaning Internet users who may have missed or forgotten about the original versions.

If this message comes your way, do not help its spread by sharing.

And, let the person who posted it know that the claims in the message are false.

As with the previous scam sites, Verify Date, Date Scanner2013and Date, it’s all trick to get you to enter your credit card info in the online form on Date Scan2013

Be smart and don’t fall for this stupid scam, there is no girl named “Jessica” that wants to f*ck your brains out!

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Let me know when you are verified so we can plan something.