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Jane stephens dating

When I told my mother about it, she didn’t say anything,’ he unleashes a full-throated laugh.‘But that’s typical – we’re not a sentimental family.’In fact, Toby, 40, lives what seems, for someone of his background and profession, a wilfully normal life.Their relationship was kept low-profile, although some Danish media reported the two were dating.On 24 September 2003, it was announced that Frederik's mother, Queen Margrethe II, intended to give her consent to the marriage at the State Council meeting scheduled for 8 October 2003.

She also converted from Presbyterianism to the Lutheran Church of Denmark.In this business, especially for guys, you can become so obsessed with where you’re at and where you think you should be that you get angry and screwed-up, and forget to value what you have.’Not that Toby isn’t without his demons.His father was an alcoholic, and ten years ago he recognised his own addiction when he almost missed a West End matinée with Diana Rigg while sleeping off a bender; he vowed never to drink again and remains teetotal.Thankfully, he says, Dame Maggie is ‘fine’ after the removal of a breast-cancer tumour and chemotherapy a couple of years ago.As we pull up at the Old Vic, he says, ‘I was waiting for a plane in Johannesburg, and a Scots woman came up to me and asked if my mum was all right,’ he smiles.

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You might guess this from his classic off-duty-actor garb of dark overcoat, beaten-up jeans and scuffed brogues; you might infer it from his leading-man looks and booming voice.