Interesting facts about internet dating aidan davis and dionne bromfield dating

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Interesting facts about internet dating

While “Lucky Lindy” became quite the hero when he made the first solo crossing of the Atlantic by air—a grueling 34 hour, 3,600 mile flight—he was not the first man to make the crossing by air.

In fact, he was something like the 85 man to do so.

There is even evidence that the ancient Phoenicians—an eastern Mediterranean sea-going people who lived between 1550 and 300 BCE—might have accomplished the deed centuries earlier than that!

In fact, he may have missed out beating Bell to the Patent Office by a few hours!

We all believe things to be true that are, in fact, quite wrong.

Many of these “facts” we learned in school, while some of them we picked up from friends or on TV—or just “heard somewhere.” Whatever their source, however, they have subsequently proven to be erroneous, demonstrating once again that just because something is repeated often enough doesn’t necessarily make it so.

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