Indian parents on dating Chat ispanya cam

Posted by / 25-Jan-2021 22:06

I told my parents about my girlfriend after five months in.

My dad did not really care, but my mom was quite concerned.

She told them that we had been seeing each other for eight months.

She thought that telling them the duration of our relationship would invoke an unhealthy physical reaction. Her parents started showing her Indian men on some Indian dating website and kept on pushing her to talk to them.

They would bring profiles of Indian men and tell her to take a look.

They told her on weekly basis that they are not able to sleep because of her and that their health is declining. In fact, everything was still the same in our relationship after her telling her parents about me.

She said that she will tell her parents in due time and I changed my mind.

We would sometimes schedule a day off from work together so that we can have a full day to ourselves instead of hanging out from 6pm to midnight on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I had evening practice on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

She told me that her parents think that the problem (me) will eventually go away if they don’t acknowledge it at all.

She almost never spoke of me in front of her parents.

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My schoolwork and my athletic career were overbearing, so I did not have too much free time.