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When I open it, it says to update gives me links and takes me back to this store to download the same app I have already got, which still doesn't work.Why oh why can Microsoft and Skype together not make apps that work..The reason is that the Croats in Bosnia are also Bosniaks.Indeed, many of them bear Bosniak as their second name. In the Zagreb telephone book only (1994/95) you can see a long list of as many as 210 surnames of Bosnjak, with only one Muslim forename, and also more than 30 Bosnjakovic's, with only 3 Muslim forenames.Also in Hrvatsko Zagorje, near Zagreb, there is a One can find Croatian families bearing the Turkish second name of Ulama even in the NW of Croatia (Hrvatsko Zagorje).

Please DO NOT force me to use this version by making it unavailable.

If you are running an older version of Windows, please visit Many problems with usage, trialing other software to replace this in our business. When I try to phone a contact is just crashes and say OOPS! I just knew that when Microsoft took over skype we were on a slippery downward slope.

The new version is very inferior to the old version.

I appreciate that things have to change from time to time - but this new version is NOT an improvement and was not required. Skype web, Skype App (preview) and also featured in

Please get rid of it in Outlook, Does anybody actually use it?

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