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Typically, medium users send 10 messages and receive about 25 messages per day and have total mailbox sizes of up to 200 MB.

Light users send and receive few e-mail messages each day, with limited use of attachments and almost no calendaring activity.

TODO TODO TODO While Group Wise is currently supported on Windows, SLES and OES(linux) - it is recommended to use SLES or OES(linux) as the platform if at all possible.

If you're using Net Ware for GW8 or earlier, consider using this tuning NCF for your dedicated Group Wise servers.

Note: Novell Group Wise agent communication (MTA to MTA and POA to MTA) has been enhanced to reduce the negative effect of slow or unreliable WAN links on messaging traffic.

On a switched LAN, mesh-style linking provides the most efficient transfer of data.

Indirect, hub-style linking can seriously burden the hub domain and presents a single-point-of failure as well.

Typically, heavy users send 25 messages and receive 100 messages per day and have total mailbox sizes in excess of 300 MB.

Medium mail users rely on Novell Group Wise for communication via e-mail messages and managing their time with calendar events but do not use all of the features of Group Wise such as Proxy or Discussions.

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This guide serves as a set of considerations and guidelines for Novell Group Wise administrators.

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