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Baited-camera surveys eliminate the adverse effects of scientific longline surveys, where fish are caught on hooks.

However, we recently captured some of the first underwater video footage of Greenland sharks in the Canadian Arctic.

Our video data now shows that this area might of be important to Greenland sharks too, at least in summer months.

In addition, given the significance of top predators in controlling the dynamics of high latitude marine ecosystems, the role of Greenland sharks may represent an important link in Arctic food webs.

Greenland sharks arrived at 80 percent of our deployments.

We used the video to distinguish one individual from the next based on their unique skin markings, a method researchers also use to identify for whale sharks and great white sharks. The videos also gave us additional information about the sharks, including their length and swimming speeds.

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The recordings gave us valuable insight into their abundance, size and behaviour, as well as their distribution in the Canadian Arctic.

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