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Good c2c website dating

The new timetable has trains at 7.31am and 7.45am, meaning the majority of pupils will choose the latter, which gets in to Southend Central at 7.56am.Both of these trains are made up of just four carriages and Jack thinks he and his fellow pupils have been ignored by c2c.“I had to force the doors open so that even more students could get on.

You could tell something was not quite right on Monday.SCHOOLCHILDREN STRUGGLE ONTO SMALLER TRAINS PUPILS commuting to Southend schools faced a battle to arrive at their desks on time after a drastic cut in rush hour carriages.The number of available carriages travelling from Benfleet to Southend Central during the 7.30am to 8am school rush hour has been halved meaning pupils struggled to cram onto packed trains yesterday morning.IRATE commuters were crammed into overcrowded trains as rail operator c2c’s new timetable got its first rush hour test yesterday.The timetable, which came into effect on Sunday, has been designed to cope with increasing passenger numbers and provide better connections at West Ham and Limehouse.

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Jack Duffield, 16, is a sixth form pupil at Southend High School for Boys and travels in daily from his home in Benfleet. “At Benfleet there was a mad crush for the train, and people were packed in close together.

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