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Imagine pouring your heart into it, handing it over to the publisher, and having them slap the name Ninja Five-O on the cover. Hudson Soft created this underrated gem for Game Boy Advance, placing players in the shoes of Joe Osugi in his fight against ninja terrorists.

Everyone missed Ninja Five-O, partially because it had no marketing and partially because of a cover that said "cash grab".

Sacred Stones improves on the previous Fire Emblem for GBA with a world map, making things a bit more freeform than before.

Current Price: -40 Despite the Castlevania Double Pack re-release in 2006, Aria of Sorrow still commands a premium price.Plus, this is one of the few times where Mario and Bowser are working on the same team. Current Price: -15 This game isn't hard to find, but the market isn't flooded with copies either.One of the best Castlevania games ever is also the last one that was released for Game Boy Advance.Here are a few of the best Game Boy Advance games, and how much you'll have to pony up to hold the cartridge in your hands.Imagine creating an awesome game that plays like a mix of Shinobi and Bionic Commando.

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SMA4 also included extra GBA e-Reader support for additional stages, making it one of the few games with support for the peripheral.